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Constituents By Region

The following list of hyperlinks is for Regional Web sites and their respective constituent Web sites. In addition, some constituents have component organizations, which are more localized AGD chapters of the state. For your convenience, component Web sites are also listed below.

Region Constituent/Component Map
Region 1

Connecticut AGD
Maine AGD
Massachusetts AGD
New Hampshire AGD
Rhode Island AGD
Vermont AGD

Region 1
Region 2

New York AGD

Region 2
Region 3

Pennsylvania AGD

Region 3
Region 4

New Jersey AGD

Region 4
Region 5

Delaware AGD
District of Columbia AGD
Maryland AGD
Virginia AGD

Region 5
Region 6

Kentucky AGD
Missouri AGD
Tennessee AGD
West Virginia AGD

Region 6
Region 7

Indiana AGD

Indiana Components
First District AGD
Ohio AGD

Region 7
Region 8

Illinois AGD

Region 8
Region 9

Michigan AGD
Wisconsin AGD

Region 9
Region 10

Iowa AGD
Minnesota AGD
Nebraska AGD
North Dakota AGD
South Dakota AGD

Region 10
Region 11

Alaska AGD
Idaho AGD
Montana AGD
Oregon AGD
Washington AGD

Region 11
Region 12

Arkansas AGD
Kansas AGD
Louisiana AGD
Mississippi AGD
Oklahoma AGD

Region 12
Region 13

California AGD

California Components
Northern California AGD
Southern California AGD
Sacramento Sierra AGD
San Diego AGD

Region 13
Region 14

Arizona AGD
Colorado AGD
Hawaii AGD
Nevada AGD
New Mexico AGD
Utah AGD
Wyoming AGD

Region 14
Region 15-16

Alberta AGD
Atlantic Provinces AGD
Includes members of Novia Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland
British Columbia AGD
Manitoba AGD (Unorganized) *
Northwest Territories AGD (Unorganized) *
Ontario AGD
Quebec AGD
Saskatchewan AGD (Unorganized) *

Region 15-16
Region 17

Air Force AGD
Army AGD
Civil Service AGD (Unorganized) *
International AGD (Unorganized) *
Navy AGD
Peace Corps AGD (Unorganized) *
Public Health AGD
Veterans Admin AGD

Region 18

Texas AGD

Texas Components
Brazos Valley AGD
Central Texas AGD
Dallas AGD
East Texas AGD
El Paso AGD
Ft. Worth AGD
Heart of Texas AGD
Houston AGD
Panhandle AGD
Rio Grande Valley AGD
River District AGD
South Texas AGD
San Antonio AGD
Southeast Texas AGD
West Texas AGD

Region 18
Region 19

Alabama AGD
Georgia AGD
North Carolina AGD
South Carolina AGD

Region 19
Region 20

Florida AGD

Florida Components
Central Florida AGD
Northeast Florida AGD
Northwest Florida AGD
Southeast Florida AGD
Gold Coast AGD
Sun Coast AGD
Tampa Bay AGD
Puerto Rico AGD
Virgin Islands AGD *

Region 20