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This site is for Indiana AGD existing and potential members. We hope you will visit the site frequently. Check back for continuing education opportunities and other relevant issues.

About the Indiana Matership Program: Fast Track to Excellence

Since 1996, Indiana AGD has altered their Mastership Program to function as a cutting edge CE lecture series that also accommodates and encourages doctors to earn Participation credit that applied toward their MAGD or FAGD if not yet attained. 

Most of our two day lecture meetings, Friday and Saturday offer a single speaker occasionally supplemented with some hands on portion.  Each series also operates as a participation protocol course that involves an optional course assignment given at the end of the lecture.  Doctors interested in obtaining their MAGD or just sharpening their clinical skills and education and accumulating additional CE complete the assignment and photographically document their treatment to return within one year of assignment for presentation.


Minimum time away from home and office.  Maximum CE benefits.

Two days of lecture on Friday and Saturday at the Holiday Inn Airport Select in Indianapolis.  We have a very comfortable meeting room with great AV sources.  Our speakers are individually selected from around the country or from Indiana University School of Dentistry.  We are proud of our programs and speakers being current and broad based, not just a convenient.


CE available: Lecture and/or Participation Credit…you choose

Attending the two days of lecture offers 16 hours of lecture credit.  At no additional cost to attendees, you may also sit in on the “presentation” of MAGD candidates and our alumni MAGD, to gain additional education from fellow clinicians who can often offer knowledge and experience beyond that presented in the lecture series.  This provides an additional 4 hours of lecture credit for sitting in on this presentation session.

Doctors completing the course assignment and return within one year of the assignment will be awarded 36 hours of participation credit to be applied to the course topic or topics as outlined in each course offering.


Camaraderie with your peers

Although this is an Indiana program, we have many doctors that fly in to take our programs because of the maximum benefit we offer.  Whether you are sitting next to a classmate or new colleague from two states away, many of our doctors enjoy the opportunity to learn from their peers as much as from the lecture.

Each session has at least one night of an organized social function, whether it be dinner out in Indianapolis, a reception at the hotel or an evening hosted by one of our local members.


Painless Presentations!!!

Many clinicians cringe at the thought of having to speak in a public setting or show their work on a big screen in front of fellow doctors, but come and give our Hoosier Hospitality the benefit of the doubt.  Presentations have a minimum standard and fully complete the assignment to receive full credit, but help is available to mentor new presenters.  To protect the value of the MAGD designation and credibility of MAGD alumni, we expect best efforts from all presenters, but you won’t be embarrassed or “frowned” upon while you develop your PowerPoint skills.

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