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This site is for Illinois AGD existing and potential members. We hope you will visit the site frequently. Add this Web site to your Favorites and check back for continuing education opportunities and other relevant issues.

As I embark on my term as Illinois AGD Board President, I cannot help but be in awe of the wonderful volunteers who serve with me on the Board. These men and women are all exceptional leaders. It is through their strength and commitment that we will bring all our resources to fully serve the Illinois AGD dentists. 

We pride ourselves on our commitment to Continuing Education. The Weclew Lecture has moved to January 21, 2022, and it will be virtual. It will feature Teresa Duncan discussing Dental Insurance in a Day for the Entire Team. Chicago AGD will present four interesting courses in the Chicago suburbs. The Northern Illinois Component will have three lectures in Rockford. The Central Illinois Component will host three two-day lectures in Alton. Illinois AGD also runs a Mastertrack Program featuring four two-day hands-on lectures to fast track our fellows and pre-fellows to receive the Mastertrack Award. This class is also beneficial for new dentists to receive knowledge from world class clinicians in a hands-on environment. There are scholarships available for new dentists for the various Mastertrack Programs. This is a tremendous benefit for new dentists for membership in the Illinois AGD.  Continuing education through lifelong learning helps us to better treat our patients, and the camaraderie we share with likeminded clinicians fosters lifelong friendships.  

Advocacy for the general dentist is what our fine leaders are undertaking with trips to Springfield to protect our interests. Our combined support of organized dentistry has never been more important. 

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Illinois AGD President.  I look forward to meeting you at our CE meetings and activities whether in person or virtually. 

Thank you,

Bill Lawley, DDS, FAGD

Areas Served:

Central Illinois Northern Illinois
Chicago Southern Illinois

Upcoming AGD Continuing Education Courses please go to our website for more information: ilagd.org


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Reasons to Join AGD
Commitment to life-long learning through quality continuing education
Professional development
Award winning publications

Constituent Benefits

It is the desire of the Illinois Academy of General Dentistry to promote life long learning to further improve the oral health of our patients.

We are constantly looking for the best educational courses out there for all of our members. We are there for you!

The purpose of this Academy is to serve the needs, to represent the interests, and to foster the continued proficiency of the general dentists through quality continuing education in order to better serve and promote the oral health of the public.

                                                                  ILLINOIS ACADEMY OF GENERAL DENTISTRY                                                      



PRESIDENT:                                           Dr. Theresa Lao

PRESIDENT-ELECT:                              Dr. William Lawley

VICE-PRESIDENT:                                 Dr. Ryan Vahdani

SECRETARY:                                          Dr. Bethel Burek

TREASURER:                                         Dr. Rosemary Villa  

EDITOR:                                                    Dr. William Wax

IMMEDIATE PAST-PRESIDENT:              Dr. Brenden Moon 

NATIONAL TRUSTEE:                             Dr. Kozelka 

REGIONAL DIRECTOR:                          Dr. Larry Williams


PRESIDENT: William Lawley, DDS, MAGD


VICE-PRESIDENT: Dr. Bethel Buerk


TREASURER: Dr. Rosemary Villa

EDITOR: Dr. William Wax


Dr. Shruti Pore
Dr. Judy Fan-Hsu
Dr. Lawrence Smith





10.Offers over 30 hands-on participation courses, informative lectures, and an innovative exhibit hall at the AGD Annual Meeting & Exhibits.


9.Tracks general dentistsí CE, available for viewing 24 hours a day .


8.Speeds up the relicensure process by offering the AGD Board Licensure Transcript*.


7.Offers the only recognized achievement-based designations in general dentistry, the Fellowship and Mastership Awards.


6.Provides patient education resources like AGD fact sheets, oral health resources, and Dentalnotes.


5.Offers a superior professional network via the AGD Member Directory and networking events throughout the year.


4.Advises general dentists on topics such as managed care contracts, coding and reimbursements, and dealing with state dental boards.


3.Sends award winning AGD publications, General Dentistry and AGD Impact, to membersí doors.


2.Offers practice management assistance through CE, a patient referral program, practice Web sites, product discounts, and more!


1.Advocates exclusively for the general dentist at the state and federal level.


To become an AGD member, or to learn more, go to the agd.org main page . 

*AGD Board Licensure Transcript is pending acceptance in New York, Maryland, Minnesota, and Quebec, Canada.




CAPWIZSpeak for General Dentistry
Be the voice of the general dentist and communicate with your legislators. For a quick glance at state bills and regulations needing action and attention, click here or on the state action icon to the right of this text. To see all tracked bills or regulators with a possible impact on general dentists and their patients, visit the AGD’s constituent issues and select a state to see what lawmakers and regulators have brought to the table.

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