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This site is for Ontario AGD existing and potential members. We hope you will visit the site frequently. Add this Web site to your Favorites and check back for continuing education opportunities and other relevant issues.

Dear valued colleagues,

We have scheduled the upcoming live webinars below at no charge. Non-Members can register for a fee of $195 by emailing a request to ontarioagd@gmail.com

The following courses are available on demand until December 31.2021

 Management of Complications In Implant Dentistry-Part One with Dr. Mark Lin Category 2. Please use link below to register:



Feb 26, 2021 Management of Complications In Implant Dentistry-Part Two with Dr. Mark Lin Category 2. Please use link below to register:


Upcoming Live Webinars:


March 12, 2021 Management of Complications In Implant Dentistry-Part Three with Dr. Mark Lin Category 2. Please use link below to register:


March 19,2021 Top 20 Prescribed Drugs: Adverse Reactions, Drug Interactions and Dental Treatment with Dr. Aviv Ouanounou-Category 1. This full day course will run from 9 am till noon, then will restart at 1pm to 4pm. Please click link below to register:


March 26, 2021: : Challenges with Removable Cast Partial dentures as a treatment option: It’s Easier, Simple and Straightforward  Than You Think with Dr. Bobby Baig -Category 2. Please click on link below to register:


April 9,2021 2021 Post-COVID Financial Planning for Dentists & Families with Kurt Rosentreter, CPA, CA –Category 3. Please use link below to register:


April 16, 2021 Tooth or Implant: What Do You Prefer? With Dr. Dr. Liran Levin – Category 2. Please use link below to register:


April 23, 2021 Geriatric Dentistry and Medicine for the Dental Team with Dr. Michael Wiseman- Category 2. Please use link below to register:


May 7, 2021 Diabetes Mellitus: Medical management, Oro-facial Findings, and Dental Management with Dr. Aviv Ouanounou -Category 2. Please use link below to register:


May 21, 2021 From Simple to Surgical – A review of periodontology fundamentals with Dr. Siavash Hassanpour- Category 2. Please use link below to register:


2019/2020 Canadian AGD booklet can be viewed at www.cedirectory.ca.

Upcoming Ontario AGD Mastertrack courses:

The  2020 Canadian AGD Dentist Of The Year Is Dr. Mike Taylor from New Brunswick

The Canadian AGD is now taking nominations for the 2021 Canadian AGD Dentist Of The Year. 



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