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This site is for Utah AGD existing and potential members. We hope you will visit the site frequently. Add this Web site to your Favorites and check back for continuing education opportunities and other relevant issues.

Utah AGD CE (updated 5-23-18)

We need more attendees to come to our CE events.  Mark your calendars early!


Sept 14 David Hornbrook Esthetics  Eventbrite Registration
Oct 19-20 PCC Gordon Christensen hands on

Mar 1 Oral Dx and Biopsies
May 3-4 Basic Science hands on
Sep 13 Operative
Nov 1-2 Fixed Pros hands on

May 8-9 Electives hands on
Nov 6-7 Perio hands on

Reasons to Join AGD
Commitment to life-long learning through quality continuing education
Professional development
Award winning publications

Constituent Benefits

Some of the cheapest, highest quality CE attainable

Regular cruise opportunities with excellent CE

Enjoy the comradere of a very cohesive group who wants to help you!

Dentist of the Year History

Help us complete this list!  Please contact the editor with updates.

2017    Jim Williamson
2015    Duane D. Callahan
2014   Grant Quayle
2012   Joseph Stobbe 
2010    Eric Vogel
2008    JC Cheney
2007    Lynn Walker    
2005    Van Johnson
2003    Dan Boston
2001    Rich Featherstone
1997    Richard Engar
1996    Joseph G. Mirci
1995    Daniel E. Fischer
1994    Jack K. Rasmussen

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10,677 = Number of people in the state employed in dental-related jobs

$324,320,000 = Utah dental employees' combined annual wages.
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