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On behalf of San Diego AGD, we want to welcome you to the component's Web site! This Web site provides information on continuing education opportunities, local programs and events so that you are kept up-to-date on the latest news within the component. We hope you will visit the site frequently. Add this Web site to your Favorites and check back for continuing education opportunities and other relevant issues.

“The core purpose of the Academy of General Dentistry
is to advance the value and excellence of general dentistry”

Membership in the AGD shows a commitment to professional development, and ultimately quality patient care. The AGD acts as a full service organization to assist you in remaining current with advances in the profession and is the only association that exclusively represents the need’s and interest of general dentists. We encourage everyone to join AGD in working with us and helping us to accomplish AGD’s goals. Educate.

Excellence in oral health care
Universal acceptance of the general dentist as the gatekeeper to oral health care
Continuous Life-Long learning
Advocacy / representation
Teamwork / camaraderie
Ethical honest and credible behavior

Reasons to Join AGD

Commitment to life-long learning through quality continuing education
CE courses with online registration

Professional development
Fellow and Mastertrack dental programs in California

Advocacy issues for dentists in Washington DC posted in a feed to our homepage

Award winning dental publications
Published online for downloading

CE in California!

Continuing Education Courses in California
We have many different kinds of CE courses, such as laser dentistry, implant dentistry, dental practice management and much more.
Click here to view and register online for dental CE courses.

2013 SDAGD Officers:
Kirk Hobock, President
Adina Manolescu, Vice President
Rosemarie Rohatgi, Immediate Past President
Thanh Tran,
Larry Pawl, Event Coordinator
Harriet F. Seldin, Advisor

CAPWIZSpeak for General Dentistry
Be the voice of the general dentist and communicate with your legislators. For a quick glance at state bills and regulations needing action and attention, click here or on the state action icon to the right of this text. To see all tracked bills or regulators with a possible impact on general dentists and their patients, visit the AGD’s constituent issues and select a state to see what lawmakers and regulators have brought to the table.

http://www.KnowYourTeeth.com Share KnowYourTeeth.com with Patients…
KnowYourTeeth.com is the new consumer Web site that offers your patients dental health information in a fun and easy format from a source you already trust for dental education, the AGD.

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