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Constituent Leaders Information


Douglas W. Bogan, DDS, FAGD
E-mail Douglas Bogan

Regional Director
David D. Tillman, DDS, MAGD
E-mail David Tillman


Kevin M. Gureckis, DMD, MAGD, ABGD
E-mail Kevin Gureckis

James S. Bone, DDS, MAGD
E-mail James Bone

Paige J. Sohn, DDS, MAGD
E-mail Paige Sohn

Immediate Past President
Donna G. Miller, DDS, MAGD
E-mail Donna Miller

Andrew S. Lazaris, DDS, FAGD
E-mail Andrew Lazaris

Legislative Comm. Chair
At-large Board Member
Jennifer J. Bone, DDS, MAGD
E-mail Jennifer Bone

MasterTrack Program Coordinator
Jim G. Tyree, DDS, MAGD
E-mail Jim Tyree

At-large Board Member
Jeffrey B. Geno, DDS, MAGD
E-mail Jeffrey Geno

At-large Board Member
Mary B. Mellard, DDS, MAGD
E-mail Mary Mellard

At-large Board Member
James D. Speer, DDS
E-mail James Speer

At-large Board Member
Shane A. Ricci, DDS, FAGD
E-mail Shane Ricci

Executive Director
Francine Johannesen
E-mail Francine Johannesen

Administrative Assistant
Lindsey Robbins
E-mail Lindsey Robbins

Administrative Assistant
Syereen Sengari
E-mail Syereen Sengari

Administrative Assistant
Jessica Osterchrist
E-mail Jessica Osterchrist

Administrative Assistant
Leah Thompson
E-mail Leah Thompson

Administrative Assistant
Robin Morris
E-mail Robin Morris

Regional Director
David D. Tillman, DDS, MAGD
E-mail David Tillman

David Mintz
E-mail David Mintz

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