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Constituent Leaders Information


Guy E. Acheson, DDS, MAGD

Regional Director
Cheryl D. Goldasich, DDS, FAGD


Continuing Education Chair
Kirk M. Hobock, DDS, MAGD

William Kushner, DDS

Vice President
Samer S. Alassaad, DDS, FAGD

Chirag Vaid, DDS

Membership Chair
Ricardo A. Suarez, DDS, FAGD

Immediate Past President
Email Admin
Chethan Chetty, DDS, FAGD

Robert J. Hubbert, DDS, MAGD

Legislative Comm. Chair
Myron J. Bromberg, DDS

Public Information Officer
Harriet F. Seldin, DMD

Program Provider Approval Rep
Mark Z. Yamamoto, DDS, MAGD

MasterTrack Program Coordinator
Richard J. Ringrose, DDS, MAGD

Fellow Track Program Coordinator
Cheryl D. Goldasich, DDS, FAGD

Thorn Filippelli

Executive Director
Terri Iwamoto-Wong

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